Data Recovery For Solid State Drives

We offer a flat rate recovery of $395* for some SSD drives (*up to 256GB). If you have experienced an SSD drive failure your data might still be recoverable. In many cases we can recover data from the following SATA, PATA, mSATA, M.2, devices and a few other solid state drives. If your SSD is not listed please contact us before shipping the drive.SSD Data Recovery


AMD Radeon – R3, R7

Corsair – Nova, Force LS, Extreme series, Neutron series

Crucial – V4, BX100, M4, C300, C400, M225, M500, M550, MX100, MX200

Intel – 510, X18, X25, 320, 710

Kingston – HyperX Savage, SMSM15S3, V100, V200, SSDNow UV300, SSDNow KC400

Lite On – LCH-256V2S-11

Micron – C400, C300

OCZ – Trion 100, Trion 150,Vertex 1, Solid 2 series, ARC 100, Vector, Vector 150, Vector 180, Vertex 450, Vertex 460, Vertex 460A, Vector 480

Patriot – Blaze, Blast

Plextor – M3, M3 Pro, M5S, M5 Pro, M5 Pro Extreme, M6V

PNY – CS1111

Samsung – CM871, 470, 830, 840, 840 Pro, 840 Evo, 850 Pro, MLC, PM810, PM830, PM840, PM841, PM851

Sandisk – SSD Plus, X300, Ultra II, Ultra Plus, Genesis, Vulcan, X110 (M.2 2260)

Seagate – 600 series

Silicon Power – Slim S55

Smartbuy – Ignition 2, Ignition 4, S9M, Revival, Firestone

Toshiba – Q300

*Does not include chip-off recovery – Add $50 for each additional 256GB of total capacity.