Solid State Drive Data Recovery Prices

We offer a flat rate SSD repair and data recovery for $395 for devices up to 512GB*. If you have experienced an SSD drive failure, in a Mac or PC, your data might still be recoverable. In many cases we can recover data from the following SATA, PATA, mSATA, M.2, SSD devices and a few other solid state drives. If your SSD is not listed please contact us before shipping the failed drive. Not all, but some Sandforce controller based SSDs can be recovered depending on the type of failure.SSD Recovery

ADATA – SP550, SU800 (Silicon Motion SM2258H, SM2258G)

AMD Radeon – R3 (Silicon Motion SM2256K), R7

Corsair – Nova, Force LS, Force LX, Extreme series, Neutron series

Crucial – V4, BX100, C300, C400, M225, M4, M500, M550, MX100, MX200

Goodram – CX100, CX300, S400U

Intel – 320, 510, 710, X18, X25

Kingston – A400, HyperX Savage, SMSM15S3, V100, V200, SSDNow UV300, SSDNow KC400

Lite On – MU3, LCH-256V2S-11

Micron – C400, C300

OCZ – ARC 100, Solid 2 series, Trion 100, Trion 150,Vertex 1, Vector, Vector 150, Vector 180, Vertex 450, Vertex 460, Vertex 460A, Vector 480

Patriot – Blaze, Blast, Spark

Plextor – M3, M3 Pro, M5S, M5 Pro, M5 Pro Extreme, M550, M6V, S2C

PNY – CS1111

RevuAhn – 850X, 900T Pro

Samsung – CM871, 470, 830, 840, 840 Pro, 840 Evo, 840 Evo (mSATA), 850 Pro, MLC, PM810, PM830, PM840, PM841, PM851, PM851 (mSATA)

Sandisk – X300, Ultra II, Ultra Plus, Genesis, Vulcan, X110 (M.2 2260), SSD Plus (Silicon Motion SM2246XT)

Seagate – 600 series

Silicon Power – Slim S55, Slim S60

Smartbuy – Firestone, Ignition 2, Ignition 4, Revival, Revival 2, S9M, S11T

Toshiba – Q300

Transcend – TS256GSSD360S


*We charge a flat rate of $395 for solid state drives up to 512GB. SSD devices over 512GB are charged an additional $75 per 512GB of capacity. Our SSD recovery prices DO NOT include chip-off recovery. Parts are already included in our prices. Recovery media is included but the size and type are our choice. Free return shipping via Priority Mail is included. A $35 discount has already been applied to our prices so we can keep your storage device for parts or experiments. After 30 days any device still in our possession is considered abandoned and may be used for parts or experiments. Our recovery rates are subject to change at any time. Our website reflects our SSD data recovery service prices today and supersedes any printed or saved media.