Solid State Drives – SSD Recovery

We offer a flat rate recovery of $395* for some SSD drives. If you have experienced an SSD drive failure your data might still be recoverable. In many cases we can recover data from the following SATA, PATA, mSATA, M.2, devices and a few other solid state drives. If your SSD is not listed please contact us before shipping the drive.SSD Data Recovery


AMD Radeon – R3, R7

Corsair – Nova, Force LS, Extreme series, Neutron series

Crucial – V4, BX100, M4, C300, C400, M225, M500, M550, MX100, MX200

Intel – 510, X18, X25, 320, 710

Kingston – SMSM15S3, V100

Micron – C400, C300

OCZ – Vertex 1, Solid 2 series, ARC 100, Vector, Vector 150, Vector 180, Vertex 450, Vertex 460, Vertex 460A, Vector 480

Patriot – Blaze

Plextor – M3, M3 Pro, M5S, M5 Pro, M5 Pro Extreme, M6V

PNY – CS1111

Samsung – 470, 830, 840, 840 Pro, 840 Evo, 850 Pro, MLC, PM810, PM830, PM840, PM841, PM851

Sandisk – SSD Plus, X300, Ultra II, Ultra Plus, Genesis, Vulcan, X110 (M.2 2260)

Seagate – Neutron series

Silicon Power – Slim S55

Smartbuy – Ignition 2, S9M

*Does not include chip-off recovery