Professional data recovery service requires specialized tools and experience.

  • Laboratory microscopes (HDD & Flash)
  • Laminar flow hoods – clean bench (HDD)
  • Hard disk head stack removal tools (HDD)
  • Firmware repair tools (HDD & SSD)
  • Imaging hardware/software (HDD, SSD)
  • NAND Flash Memory Readers (SSD, Flash)
  • New SMD components (HDD, SSD, Flash)
  • Donor drive inventory (HDD & Flash)

As you can see, this is not standard equipment you will find in your average neighborhood computer repair shop. This is all specialized equipment that is necessary for advanced recovery services for crashed, failed, or broken storage devices.
We offer data recovery starting at $135 for USB flash drive repair and $295 for hard disk drive failure. Our plan is to make it affordable for anyone that needs their valuable data recovered. Get your files back for USB thumb drives, camera cards, internal desktop and laptop computer disk drives, as well as portable and external hard drives. Need to recover photos from your camera card? (Camera card recovery prices) We can also recover many solid state drives (SSD).
We have an extremely high recovery rate for hard disk drives, USB flash devices, and camera cards. The right tools and experience allow us to offer you flat-rate and affordable prices. We are located in North Georgia and receive most devices in 2-3 days when you ship Priority Mail from the 48 States. Need it sooner? Ship it overnight and we will make it a priority at no extra charge.
Blizzard – “We make data recovery affordable!”