Professional Data Recovery Service – Flat Rates

At the Blizzard Data Recovery lab, we offer data recovery starting at $150 for broken USB flash drive repair and $395 for hard drive data recovery service. Our plan is to make it affordable for anyone that needs their valuable data recovered. Get your files back from USB thumb drives, camera memory cards (SD, MicroSD, CF), desktop and laptop computer hard disk drives, as well as portable and external hard drives. We also provide solid state drive (SSD) recovery as low as $495.

Some claim flat-rate data recovery is not possible, but we do it every day and with great success. Our price is for the recovery service. We provide parts, free return media, and free return shipping as a convenience. No open-end pricing like the other guys. With Blizzard data recovery professionals you know what the cost of data recovery will be, and we make it easy.

Data Recovery Prices

Professional tools and years of experience allow us to offer you affordable data recovery services for most storage devices. We do not outsource data recovery cases. All work is done onsite including clean room data recovery service for hard disk drives and pin-out discovery for monolithic flash devices.

We are located in the Atlanta – North Georgia area and receive UPS and FedEx deliveries between 10AM and 5PM on weekdays. USPS packages are delivered to our lockbox 7 days per week.

Blizzard – “We make data recovery affordable!”