Cost of Data Recovery

We make data recovery affordable! Flat-rate data recovery prices. No open-end pricing like the other guys. We have an honest “no data, no charge” policy, and we don’t charge for parts.

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The data recovery experts at Blizzard want you to know how much your data retrieval will cost. Some companies will tell you that you can’t get professional in-lab data recovery for a flat rate price, but we do it every day and with great success. We use professional data recovery hardware and software to recover your hard drive or flash drive. We are a multi-workstation lab so our years of experience are exponential. Our process is easy – “How Does Data Recovery Service Work?

Our goal is to be the best data recovery lab with flat rates that include parts and return media. Our professional tools, training, and clean-bench workstations allow us to recover data that can’t be recovered by computer shops or big-box stores. We don’t outsource data recovery cases. All work is done in house, including clean-room data recovery services.

Cost of Data Recovery