How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

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Diagnostics and recovery estimates are free. You are only charged if you want the recovered data.

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USB flash drive recovery $135* (See Details)

Single Hard Drive Pricing up to 1TB – Includes recovery media*

  • $295 Level 1 Data Recovery (Deleted files, loss from format, simple firmware issues, bad sectors, not detected by OS)
  • $395 Level 2 Data Recovery (Level 1 + USB interface drives, PCB repair, stiction, advanced firmware issues, weak heads)
  • $550 Level 3 Data Recovery (Level 1 or 2 + clean-bench head stack removal for inspection, cleaning, or replacement)

* These additional charges may apply to your case.
Storage devices over 1TB are charged an additional $50 per Terabyte
Recovery media is included but the size and type is our choice. You can always provide or purchase other media.
Free return shipping via Priority Mail is included. You can request and pay for alternate shipping methods.
A $25 discount has already been applied so we can keep your device for parts.
Platter damage or contamination might require one or more donor drives for heads. The first donor is included, additional donor heads are $100 each
If your recovery requires platter removal there is an additional $125 charge.
RAID recovery is charged the above rate per failed drive plus $300 per RAID member.
Our data recovery rates are subject to change at any time. This website reflects our DR prices today and supersedes any printed or saved media.
We do not offer refunds after a recovery has been delivered.

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At Blizzard Data Recovery we use professional data recovery hardware and software (See PC-3000). These professional devices isolate your hard drive from the damage that can be caused by hard drive controllers and PC operating systems repeatedly trying to read bad sectors. These devices and software allow us to repair common and advanced HDD firmware issues. Our professional tools and training allow us to recover data that can’t be seen with standard SATA, PATA, USB connections and software.

We no longer pay referral fees but we do offer 12% discounts to computer repair shops that outsource data recovery jobs to us.