USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Prices

We recover data from broken or failed USB flash drives.

Broken Flash ConnectorOur current price for USB flash drive repair and recovery up to 4GB devices is only $150*. If you have experienced a broken thumb drive, don’t give up on your files, documents, and pictures. We make flash drive data recovery affordable! We can recover data from your USB – ADATA, Kingston, Lexar Jumpdrive, Memorex, PNY, Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba, Transcend, Verbatim, and many others.

Prices are based on the full capacity of the device, not the file size or count.

Up to 4GB USB Flash Drive: $150
8GB USB Flash Drive: $195
16GB USB Flash Drive: $225
32GB USB Flash Drive: $250
64GB USB Flash Drive: $295
128GB USB Flash Drive: $350
256GB up to 1TB USB Flash Drive: $395

* Add $100 for chip-off and/or monolith recovery if required.
Free recovery media and return shipping included.

Complimentary recovery media is included, but capacity and type is our choice. You can provide or purchase other media if desired.
Free return shipping via Priority Mail is included (continental US only). You can request and pay for alternate shipping methods. We do not offer international shipping; you must provide an address in the USA.
A $25 discount has already been applied to our prices so we can keep your device for parts.
After 30 days, any device still in our possession is considered abandoned and may be used for parts or discarded. We do not offer refunds after a recovery has been delivered.
Examples of recoverable flash drivesOur recovery rates are subject to change at any time. Our website reflects our flash drive recovery service prices today and supersedes any printed or saved media.

See some examples of conventional USB devices.

Can broken USB flash drives be fixed? Yes, no matter what you call them, we recover 95% of the conventional USB devices we receive.

  • Flash Drives
  • Thumb Drive
  • USB Drive
  • USB Stick
  • Pen Drive
  • Jump Drive
  • Memory Stick

We can repair most USB flash drives and recover your files. We’ll inspect your device under a microscope and determine how to proceed with your recovery case.

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