USB Flash Device Examples

At Blizzard Data Recovery, we try to make it affordable to get your data back. USB stick recovery starts at $150. Here are some descriptions and pictures of the common USB flash drives and pen drives that we do recover.
Examples of conventional flash drives
There are thousands of different shapes and sizes of USB flash drives that we can recover. For conventional failed or broken USB flash drives, we can often replace failed components to temporarily repair and recover your data. We also specialize in removing the memory chip (NAND) and recovering your data when the device cannot be repaired. There are some USB sticks called monolithic flash devices that do not have surface mounted components like fuses, resistors, capacitors, oscillators, etc. so we can’t replace them. They also don’t have the typical TSOP or BGA chip package that we can remove and read in our NAND readers. In most cases, monolith devices require invasive work and complex data reconstruction.

SanDisk 64GB Ultra Monolith ComparisonTo the left, you can see two same model Sandisk Ultra 64GB USB devices. The one on the left is a conventional device and the one on the right is a monolith, but the package presents them as the same model. Click the picture to enlarge and see the difference. For full size devices, you can often tell a monolith because it has a metal lip across the bottom of the connector area. The monolith version of these Sandisk Ultra flash drives have been seen coming from Amazon and Walmart since mid 2018.

Compact monolithic flash drivesTo the right is an example of some short monolithic USB devices that typically require advanced recovery procedures and often longer recovery times than conventional drives.

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Below you can see an 8GB PNY USB that is a monolith. You can tell by the large metal retaining bar at the bottom of the USB connector.

PNY Monolith USB Connector