USB Flash Device Examples

At Blizzard Data Recovery we try to make it affordable to get your data back. Currently we do not recover SD or Micro SD cards or some monolithic USB flash devices. Here are some descriptions and pictures so you can compare your USB pen drive to devices that we do recover data from.

Metal USB connectorIf your thumb drive has a metal USB connector like the picture to the left then we can most likely recover your data. There are thousands of different shapes and sizes of USB flash drives that we can recover. Another factor is size, if your flash device is more than 1 inch long then it is a good candidate for recovery. Why does size matter? There are some monolithic flash devices that we do not recover but most of them are under one inch in length. The reason we don’t work with these devices is because we specialize in diagnosing and repairing failed components and broken connectors. We also specialize in removing the memory chip (NAND) and recovering your data when the device cannot be repaired. The short devices do not have surface mounted components like fuses, resistors, capacitors, oscillators, so we can’t replace them. They also don’t have the typical TSOP or BGA chip package that we can remove and read in our NAND readers.


Here is a picture of some of the common USB flash drives that we do recover as well as a bucket of shells from devices we have worked on. You can click the image to enlarge it.

butt load of flash drives

And here is an example of some short USB devices and memory cards that we do not work on. We do recover Kingston and PNY USB drives, just not the short ones. Other companies like Lexar and Sandisk also have a few monolithic (short) devices.

Just Say No To Monolith Flash

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