Hard Drive Data Recovery Prices

Looking for the right hard drive data recovery lab? We make data recovery affordable! Flat rates, no open-end pricing like the other guys. An honest no data, no charge policy, and we don’t charge for parts. Free return media & shipping too.Hard Drive Head Swap

We have 2 levels of pricing based on the cause of failure.
The listed prices are for disk drives up to 1TB*

  • $395 Standard Data Recovery (PCB work, firmware issues, media defects, not detected, lost files)
  • $495 Advanced Data Recovery (Clean-room inspection, head stack replacement, platter swap)

*Hard disk drives over 1TB are charged an additional $75 per terabyte.
Prices are based on the full capacity of the device, not the file size or count.

Parts are already included in our prices (PCB, donor heads). Recovery media is included for non-RAID recoveries, but the size and type is our choice. Free return shipping via Priority Mail is included with every paid recovery (Continental US only). You can request and pay for alternate shipping methods. We do not offer international shipping, you must provide an address in the USA.

A $35 discount has already been applied to our prices so we can keep your device for parts. After 30 days any device still in our possession is considered abandoned and may be used for parts or recycled. We do not offer refunds after a recovery has been delivered. We have a “no data, no charge policy”, but declined recoveries are charged $75 per device for return shipping and handling. Our recovery rates are for targeting your personal files and does not include program and system files or settings. For Apple users with photo libraries we only provide masters & originals, not derivatives or system data. If you need a cloned drive there is an additional charge. Our website reflects our current hard disk drive recovery service prices and supersedes any printed or saved media.

At Blizzard Data Recovery we use professional tools to recover the data from your failed hard drive. All work, including clean room data recovery, is done in our lab. We do not outsource data recovery cases. We accept all 2.5″ and 3.5″ disk drives with SATA, EIDE, or USB connections for recovery, including G-Technology, HGST, Hitachi, IBM, LaCie, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, and Western Digital.

Read more about hard drive recovery levels.