What equipment does Blizzard┬áDR have that most computer repair shops don’t?

  • Laminar flow cabinet (clean bench)
  • Hard disk head stack removal tools
  • Firmware repair hardware/software
  • Laboratory microscope
  • Disk imaging equipment
  • Disk imaging software
  • Hot air rework soldering station
  • Donor drive inventory

As you can see, this is not standard equipment you will find in your average neighborhood computer repair shop. This is all specialized equipment that is necessary for advanced data recovery services. We offer hard drive data recovery services starting at only $275. Our plan is to make it affordable for anyone in North Georgia that needs their valuable family pictures, homework, personal, and small business data recovered.

Can we recover data every time? No, we can’t. There are some cases that are not recoverable by ANYONE, and there are some very rare cases that we do not have the equipment or training to complete, but most cases are recoverable at affordable prices.