Welcome to the Tech Bench

by Oct 25, 2014

With the launch of our new website I look forward to providing a look into the daily operations at our data recovery lab. I will add some recovery examples and information that might help others understand the data recovery process, pitfalls, and tricks. Hopefully sharing some of my experiences will help others successfully recover data that would otherwise be gone forever.

If you have experienced data loss then please don’t forget to backup your data going forward. Yes! It can happen to you more than once. It’s much easier and cheaper to back it up now. You can purchase a 1TB portable USB hard drive for less than $50 and save your stuff!

If you have a Toshiba Canvio external drive you can get NTI backup software for free.

If you have a Western Digital hard drive you might be able to use the free version of Acronis True Image provided by WD.

If you have a Seagate portable drive you might be able to use Seagate Dashboard for backups.

If you would like to try what we use for backups you can get a trial of R-Tools R-Drive Image . If you decide to purchase R-Drive Image it’s only $45.

If you do nothing else, at least copy (don’t move!) your most important data to another device or the cloud. Or better yet, copy your important data to secondary media and cloud storage.

If you experience data loss we will be here to help. Our goal is to be the best data recovery lab with affordable prices.

Other options: Mac users have the option to use Time Machine for backups and Windows users can enable Windows Backup & Restore.