Seagate 3.5 inch Ramp Set from HDD Surgery

by Dec 27, 2014

For data recovery cases it makes sense to have the very best tools. With practice, some hard drives are just so easy to work on that you can get away with the lower cost plastic head removal tools. That said, there is just something about using precision made tools. There is less risk when working with disk drives that have head ramps, but even some of the ramped models have heads that are a little more delicate than others. In either case, it makes sense to use the best quality tools. That’s why we use the Seagate 3.5″ ramp set made by HDD-Surgery. The cost is quite a bit higher than the bulk plastic ramp sets, but when you need precision this is the way to go. If you like these tools you can see more of the HDD head comb tools we use.

Seagate Ramp Set HDD SurgeryFor pricing visit the HDD Surgery Website.

If you are in the data recovery business you owe it to yourself, and maybe your clients, to use the best tools available. With precision tools you can increase your efficiency and confidence.