Seagate Rosewood Read Channel Short Points

by Apr 26, 2023

At Blizzard Data Recovery, we try to help new data recovery professionals as they learn the trade. Sometimes it’s by email and sometimes by remote work, and when that’s not possible, a number of data recovery companies will outsource their cases to us. We try to publish information that is not easy to find or just to make it more convenient for us to help others.

The following photos show the read channel short points for some popular printed circuit boards from the Seagate Rosewood series of drives. With Seagate drives, it’s sometimes necessary to prevent the drive from completely loading the firmware so a data recovery engineer can access the service area and make required changes, and shorting these points can sometimes achieve those results.

Here we provide the short points for four popular PCBs from the models ST1000LM003 and ST2000LM007. The PCB board numbers are 100809471, 100799274, 100781943, 100835923.


Warning: This post is part of our tech series. If you are not an experienced data recovery engineer, you should not attempt recovery of data from a failed device. There is a reason computer repair technicians and other data recovery companies outsource to us. You can do a lot of damage because of the things you don’t know about a hard drive’s mechanical design and firmware specifics. In some cases, you could make it impossible for your data to be recovered. We offer flat-rate hard drive data recovery service so you don’t have to put your data at risk.