WDWD5000LPVX Head Replacement

by Mar 17, 2015

WD 500GB 2.5 HDDThis is what it looks like inside a Western Digital WD5000LPVX-11V0TT0. Western Digital laptop and portable hard drives are some of the most common drives we see for head replacements. More often than not, it’s because the drive was dropped. This is the inside of a 500GB laptop drive. As you can see they don’t look very┬ácomplicated. It is important that a HDD only be opened in a filtered environment. The head flying height on modern hard disk drives makes particles of dust on the platter surface resemble boulders on a highway. Don’t risk your valuable data. There is also a certain amount of practice required to remove and replace the head stack assembly (HSA) without damage to the platters and the heads.

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