Week 2018-0218 in the Lab

by Feb 25, 2018

Phison 128Gb USB 3.0This week we had a non-typical 128GB USB flash drive. At first glance the case looks like a standard broken connector repair. Typically you remove the bent or broken connector and replace it with a new USB 3.0 connector. WAIT! Not so fast. Look closer, this Phison based 128GB USB device has a non-standard USB pinout on the PCB side for the USB connector. Some quick tests with the multimeter and we can rewire the new connector and… Bam! Full recovery 🙂

Now let’s look at a hard drive case. What’s this? 4000.7MB Western Digital Caviar model AC34000-00LA. Yes, you are reading that correctly, it’s 4GB and it’s distributed across 3 platters. It’s not a good idea to be running your business on a 20 year old hard drive with no backup, but we saved the day this time.Caviar AC34000-00LA
Not every failed hard drive is recoverable so lets go check our backups, who is with me? What? You don’t have a backup? Now is a good time to get one, what are you waiting for? A 1TB portable hard drive is only about $45 and many of them include backup software. This is probably the best nickel’s worth of free advice you’ll ever get 🙂