Free Data Recovery Quote

With our flat rate data recovery prices you know what to expect before you send in your device. You will be charged one of the following amounts if recovery is successful and you want the data.

USB Flash Drives Recovery Prices* Hard Disk Drives Recovery Prices*
SM3251Q BB Front

Up to 4GB USB Flash Drive $135
8GB USB Flash Drive $150
16GB USB Flash Drive $175
32GB USB Flash Drive $200
64GB USB Flash Drive $250
128GB USB Flash Drive $300
256GB USB Flash Drive $375
* Prices include chip-off recovery if required. Add $150 for monolith devices. Do I have a monolith?

WD40EZRZ Platter


$295 Level 1 Data Recovery
$395 Level 2 Data Recovery
$495 Level 3 Data Recovery

*Storage devices over 1TB are charged an additional $50 per terabyte

HDD recovery might require donor drives for head swaps. The first donor is included.

Recovery media is included but the size and type is our choice. You can always provide or purchase other media. Free return shipping via Priority Mail is included. You can request and pay for alternate shipping methods.
A $25 discount has already been applied to our prices so we can keep your device for parts.
After 30 days any device still in our possession is considered abandoned and may be used for parts or experiments.
Our recovery rates are subject to change at any time. Our website reflects our recovery prices today and supersedes any printed or saved media.
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