Send In Your Data Recovery Case

Recovery quotes are free and there is never a charge unless you want your recovered data.
All SATA and USB hard drives are accepted for recovery including internal, portable, and external devices.
For solid state drives please check our list of supported SSD devices.
Most USB flash drives are supported with the exception of monolith devices. (See some examples)

Are you ready to send in your device for data recovery? It’s simple.

  1. Print and fill out our terms of service.

    Send it with your drive.

  2. Package your drive.

    Good packing is important to avoid damage to your drive during shipping. Bare hard disk drives should have at least 1.5 inches of protective wrap on all sides, and anti-static bags are a plus. External hard drives and flash drives should have at least 1 inch of protective wrap on all sides. If your flash drive is in several pieces, please use a resealable/Ziploc bag to keep the parts together.

    Envelopes are not recommended for shipping hard drives. If you ship a flash drive in an envelope, we recommend putting the padded device between 2 pieces of rigid cardboard, secured with tape or rubber bands.

  3. Ship your drive.

    Send to:
    Blizzard Data Recovery
    64 Sailors Dr. Ste 120
    Ellijay, Georgia 30540

    USPS Priority Mail typically arrives within 2-3 days from anywhere in the continental United States. If you need to get it to us sooner you can use UPS or FedEx overnight services. Always use a service that provides tracking and get a receipt.

Not yet ready to send in your device? Learn more about data recovery pricing or contact us if you have any questions.