• Samsung SP2514N and SP2504C Head Swap

    by Jan 28, 2017

    This week’s special case was a 2007 PATA HDD. This Samsung SP2514N was in an external enclosure and got knocked over. Since the drive was identified as dropped and “previously opened” we first opened it in one of our laminar airflow workstations. Upon inspection we noticed a stiction mark on the top platter but the […]

  • Recertified Hard Disk Drives – Refurbished HDD

    by Jan 02, 2017

    At Blizzard Data Recovery we sometimes get asked “What is a re-certified hard drive?” According to Seagate if you return a defective drive they “may replace your product with a product that was previously used, repaired and tested to meet Seagate specifications”. In our experience the replacement drive the customer receives will often have a […]

  • Seagate Head Swap – F3 Donor Drive

    by Dec 19, 2016

    The following is information we have gathered to help our clients find compatible hard drives if they prefer to supply the donor drive(s) for their data recovery case. None of this information is guaranteed to provide a matching donor. This is just information that I have gathered from other resources and then refined from my […]

  • WD 6GB AC26400 Recovery

    by Nov 18, 2016

    This weeks special case was a 6GB Western Digital EIDE hard disk drive. That’s right! That was not a typo, six gigabytes of storage in one desktop hard drive that was manufactured in 1999. The data was distributed across two platters but only used 3 heads. This hard drive was making some very unusual screeching […]

  • I Opened My Hard Drive – Now What?

    by Nov 06, 2016

    Even if you have opened your hard drive we might still be able to recover your data. Unlike many data recovery labs we don’t charge an extra fee if the drive was opened. If you experienced a hard drive failure and started searching for solutions like: How do I fix a failed hard drive? How […]

  • A Week in the Data Recovery Shop

    by Sep 13, 2016

    In a typical week for some data recovery shops you’ll get standard recovery jobs where drives or files are not accessible to the end user, or maybe an easy, dropped drive case where there is no platter damage and you just need to swap out the head stack assembly. You might also get 1 or […]

  • Customer Testimonial – Lori D

    by Oct 14, 2015

    A very huge and heartfelt thanks to Dave at Blizzard for a successful data retrieval on my external drive! When I brought in the drive, I pretty much was resigned to the lost data…most of which was irreplaceable…however..Blizzard was able to perform a complete 100% data recovery! From the very first moment I walked in, […]